Last February, our own CEO David Fuster signed on with Valencia Football Club as manager of specific training and talent management.

As you all know, David has played in top teams, highlighted by his experience in the Greek Olympiakos, where he achieved 6 leagues and 4 Greece Cups, as well as acting as captain.

Valencia Football Club has counted on David Fuster for a high responsibility position and what a better way to know more about it than David himself explaining it to us.

Valencia CF

First of all, David, after finishing your preparation at the Master in Football Management and obtaining the UEFA PRO coaching license, signing on with a team as Valencia CF must be really rewarding, how are you feeling during your first month at Valencia CF academy?

These first days are allowing me to meet and establish relationships with the professionals involved in the training process and with the players from our academy. I am feeling really positive since there is a great working atmosphere and inclination towards working together for a better club.

And after this month, you must be familiar with everything already, what are your feelings about the condition of the Club?

My feelings are really good. When you are in the Valencia CF facilities, you immediately feel you are in a club with a long history and this implies a huge responsibility.

I accepted their offer because I was attracted to their project and the ambition of putting Valencia CF academy amongst the best in Europe.


For everyone to understand, even for those who don’t know about how the structure of an academy like the Valencia FC works, can you tell us a bit about what your role is?

As previously said, my position in the club is to manage the specific training and talent management. Among my roles, I can list the following ones: to develop projects for the ranks in the academy to look after the individual development of the players, to create a data base containing the objectives to improve and create action plans for all the players in the academy, to establish a special plan for those players with a promising future, to design and implement specific trainings…

Now that we are up-to-date, David, can you tell us after all those years as a football player and with all the experiences you have acquired in different teams, what are your feelings about your lasts years as a player?

When a football player hangs up their boots you take a look back on what your professional career has been like to appreciate a bit how this process has been. I have been lucky to have felt loved and valued in all the teams I’ve played for, from the UD Oliva, where I grew up as a person and as a football player, to Villarreal CF, Elche CF and Olympiakos, until Getafe CF, where I decided to stop my career. However, Olympiakos might be the team that holds a special place for me, not only because I achieved 9 titles there and I could play European competitions, but for the love and infinite rewards its fans showed and still show for me. From my point of view, this is the greatest thing a football player can aim for.


Finally, we know you have other ongoing projects closely related to sports, where you want to show how important sport is in peoples’ lives, can you tell us something about your other projects?

Yes, apart from the training camp I’ve been doing for 8 years, which I’m really proud of, I enrolled into a really exciting project along with my partner Jean Claude Blazquez approximately one year ago and little by little it is becoming real. We started the sports centre Vive Oliva, an oficial Crossfit® centre, where we also offer other fitness activities. Nevertheless, our project goes beyond this centre. We also offer a vast variety of outdoor and indoor activities for groups and companies, as well as active tourism activities, such as wakeboarding, kitesurfing, paddle surf, banana boats, etc. If you want to know more about us and our project, I invite you to visit our webpage www.viveoliva.com

Thank you and Vive Oliva!

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